As active participants in the story of our people, we aim to advance Jewish aspirations forward to the next stage of our national rebirth, towards a stage of spiritual renewal based on our authentic Hebrew culture and towards the establishment of a model democratic society that will set a moral example to all of mankind. We have successfully liberated our homeland from foreign rule, achieved political independence, revived our ancient language to every-day use and begun an ongoing process of ingathering our exiles. Now we must foster a new vision that can overcome today’s challenges and advance the Jewish people forward.

Time for a change:
It is time for our generation to take responsibility for Jewish history into our handsIt is time we take the massive budgets of the Jewish institutions and invest them in fostering a national consciousness and sense of peoplehood within Diaspora youth

It is time we effectively answer the accusations of Israel’s critics by creating programs that will actually address their indictments and teach Jewish students throughout the world to confidently champion Jewish national rights in a manner far more effective than the faltering hasbara industry

It is time we present a deeper and more holistic Jewish narrative that does not fear the Palestinian narrative but can effectively engage it

It is time we make clear that Israel is not a colonialist presence in the Middle East but rather an indigenous people with an inalienable right to self-determination in our homeland