It only takes
5 minutes
to make a
$5 donation*
to get us
5 years in Congress
The ALLIANCE FOR NEW ZIONIST VISION is a coalition of grassroots movements committed to inspiring a new vision for our current chapter of Jewish history. Representing the young adults most passionately engaged in the national struggles of the Jewish people, we are the ONLY slate participating in WZC elections exclusively running the young activists at the forefront of today’s battles over Jewish identity and Israel’s legitimacy on university campuses.
The ALLIANCE FOR NEW ZIONIST VISION aims to empower our generation’s most dedicated young Zionists with the ability to shape the policies of the official Zionist movement and inspire our peers to become active participants in Jewish history.
*$10 for those over 30 years old. The American Zionist Movement requires a one-time membership fee in order to register as a member and vote in the elections for the 37th World Zionist Congress. If you love Israel and want to help influence the collective Jewish future, this is your chance. You can have a democratic voice in how the Jewish world prioritizes its goals and allocates its resources.