Our Coalition

LAVI is a student-led movement committed to identifying where we currently find ourselves in history, what Jewish national aspirations have yet to be fulfilled and how we as individuals can participate in the story of our people. We encourage independent thinking and facilitate vigorous discussion amongst young adults seeking leadership roles in the Jewish world. Our programs and initiatives reflect the spirit of our ancient culture and universal values in crafting an inspiring vision for the Jewish people’s future firmly rooted in our collective experience and age-old national yearnings.


KUMAH is a non-profit organization based in Israel and North America that aims to educate the public about the Jewish state and dispel myths and stereotypes about the Middle East. KUMAH seeks to enhance the Jewish Diaspora’s connection to Israel through innovative media projects, seminars and speaking tours. KUMAH also works in Israel to strengthen the Jewish character of the state through media, educational initiatives and new parliamentary legislation.


DOREINU was founded by a group of young professional in Los Angeles who sensed a fundamental need for discovering our roles in Jewish history. Looking holistically at our story spanning thousands of years has brought us to the realization that Israel’s modern return to nationhood has significantly altered the Jewish experience worldwide and placed us in a unique generation unlike any before. Recognizing that we are living in one of the most incredible chapters in the story of our people, we work to promote and inspire Jewish community, identity and the will to participate in history by providing cutting edge social, cultural and educational programs in an accepting, open minded and agenda-free environment.