Shai Haddad

Shai Haddad – better know as rapper Shi360 – is the only hip hop artist promoting Zionism internationally, having represented Israel through the ministry of foreign affairs and touring North American university campuses to promote Jewish national rights. A respected early pioneer of Israel’s burgeoning hip hop scene and a founder of the Alternative Action movement, Shai works to advance dialogue between Jews and other Middle Eastern peoples on the basis of Semitic unity and mutual recognition.

As the Executive Director of Artists 4 Israel, Craig Dershowitz uses the arts to aggressively defend, promote and celebrate the Jewish people’s artistic and cultural legacy. As an activist against propagandists who target Israel as a front for censorship in general, Craig has been recognized by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – as well as several other Israeli ministers, lawmakers and public figures – as being on the cutting edge of Israel advocacy today. His efforts – featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MTV and much of the art-centric media – express the cultural freedoms that make Israel a creative focal point for the world.

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