BRIT HAZON is a coalition of grassroots movements committed to inspiring a new vision for our current chapter of Jewish history. We are the collective voice of the Jewish young adults most passionately engaged in the struggles of our people. From battles over Jewish rights and Israel’s legitimacy on university campuses to questions of Jewish identity and national consciousness in modern society, our activists, artists and theorists are at the forefront of advancing the Jewish people’s historic aspirations.

To make the story of the Jewish people relevant to our generation and to effectively advance our revolution to the next stage, BRIT HAZON is committed to identifying where we currently find ourselves in Jewish history, what national aspirations have yet to be fulfilled and how we as individuals can participate in the story of our people.

We encourage independent thinking and facilitate vigorous discussion amongst young adults seeking leadership roles in the Jewish world. Our programs and initiatives reflect the spirit of our ancient culture and universal values in crafting an inspiring vision for the State of Israel’s future rooted in the collective Jewish experience and age-old national yearnings.

BRIT HAZON aims to empower our generation’s most dedicated young leaders with the tools to formulate new ideas and the means to become active participants in the story of their people.

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