At the World Zionist Congress

BRIT HAZON participated in the 37th World Zionist Congress as the “Alliance for New Zionist Vision” and fought a successful battle to force the official Zionist movement to declare the Jewish people indigenous to the Land of Israel (by a slim 51% majority). While this might be a given to anyone with a semi-decent understanding of Jewish identity and history, no official body representing the Jewish people has made any effort to declare what so many of us take for granted.

This was an important step for two reasons:
1. The core anti-Zionist accusation today is that Jews are foreigners to the Middle East with no legitimate connection to our homeland
2. Jewish identity has become confusing to an entire generation of Diaspora Jews

But official statements of Jewish indigeneity by the official Zionist movement are not enough. We need to take the next steps to clarify Jewish identity and inspire our most talented young people to champion Jewish rights in a way that actually advances our people’s story to the next stage.